Thursday, May 25, 2017


"As of September 2015, the C.I.A. estimates that 30,000 foreign fighters have joined the ISIL: 3,000 from Tunisia, 2500 from Saudi Arabia, 1700 from Russia, 1500 from Jordan, 1500 from Morocco, 1200 from France, 1000 from Turkey, 900 from Lebanon, 700 from Germany, 600 from Libya, 600 from the United Kingdom, 500 from Indonesia, 500 from Uzbekistan, 500 from Pakistan, 440 from Belgium, 360 from Turkmenistan, 360 from Egypt, 350 from Serbia, 330 from Bosnia, 300 from China, 300 from Kosovo, 300 from Sweden, 250 from Australia, 250 from Kazakhstan, 250 from the Netherlands, 200-300 from Azerbaijan, 200 from Austria, 200 from Algeria, 200 from Malaysia, 190 from Tajikstan, 180 from the United States of America, 150 from Norway, 150 from Denmark, 140 from Albania, 133 from Spain, 130 from Canada, 110 from Yemen, 100 from Sudan, 100 from Kyrgyzstan, 80 from Italy, 70-80 from Palestine, 70 from Somalia, 70 from Kuwait, 70 from Finland, 50 from Ukraine, 40-50 from Israel, 40 from Ireland, 40 from Switzerland, at least 30 from Georgia, 23 from Argentina, 18 from India, 10-12 from Portugal, and 3 from the Phillippines."

Classified Document:
Author: General Aleister "Madman" Monighan

عبادة "Ibadah." 
Obedience with submission. A psychosexual jihad. They fetishize submission, worship, and servitude to their God. Their message of living a pious and charitable life is used to justify rape,  domination, slavery. All the worst things. I see it on all of the supposed sides. Almost any aspect of what you might call an organized religion is stained by these practices. They pick up the sexual energy from people, drain them and use it against them en masse. It's the reason for most forms of celibacy and sexual control. They are storing up the energy like a battery. It's one of the only things that they really understand how to use us for.
The early proponents of the infallibility of the Catholic Church were some of the same people who believed in the inherent cursed nature of the dark-skinned people of the Earth, the supposed "curse of Ham." The church fathers believed those who were of a deeper resonance of melanin to be marked by God as fair game for slavery and mistreatment. Thus the deeply horrific and shameful legacy of the African slave trade, leading all the way up to the mining of Africa for coltan ore that exists to this day. Every time a new wi-fi device is invented, a small war will break out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the mining profits for that particular ore. From this vein a dark ring of horror threatens to envelop the Earth.
It is this very same logic in the misreading of an ancient book that justifies the slave-taking actions of men as justified by God in the world of Islamic extremism. They believe the unfortunates who find their way into slavery to be somehow chosen by God, and they believe that their God guides their actions, allowing for the defeat and the subjection of others. By this logic, their God also allows pedophilia, incest, and snuff films.
It is by this logic that our world seems to run. 
I have a different way of looking at things though. It is perhaps true that "our actions are God's food." I believe that I have found a solution to these things. A solution to the powers that be. I have a message for them. Soon the world will know the truth.


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