Friday, June 17, 2016


Official Record Of Events 033033 MR SINCLAIR/St. CLAIRE ANDERSON STOP

Space is warped. The universe is expanding. Where it might be going seems to be the most important question facing all the sentient beings of this world. The very structure of physical existence itself is a gentle balance between chaos and order, which is constantly shifting on a sub-atomic level. There is no such thing as true stillness, the tiniest particles that make up all existing matter are constantly in motion.
It is theorized that the simple act of observation (the act of awareness) itself has a trasformative role in the final outcome of any given event, meaning that just by noticing something, it is going through a process of transformation. The truth is, human entities on average only use a very small portion of the vast mental faculties that are generously afforded to them at any given moment. One’s perception, in many ways, is in fact only limited to what one will allow into one’s metaphorical line of vision. 
Every time new matter is created, the quanta (the somewhat intangible tetrahedronic “substance” that is is the very essence of space-time) becomes further warped. That’s the way that it has been since the very beginning.
Physically, I am currently driving northeast on Cherokee County Road 780 in northern Alabama, somewhat near the border of Georgia. I am roughly 100 miles from Birmingham, Alabama.
I am approaching an entity that has transferred here directly from the OD (outer darkness)... as documented previously, I have observed significant evidence that they can collude with the malevolent energies of the Earthly dead in ways that we have not begun to fully comprehend. They are jealous of everything that human beings represent, the current engagement in Karmic Trial. Everything that human beings have to gain by paying attention and staying true to the Universal Spirit during their short lifetimes can be easily usurped by the malevolent influence of these malicious thought-beings. They represent a consciousness from outside this planet, a formed logic without what one would define as a soul. They are miscreated automatons that wreak havoc on what you call Earth via parasitic suggestion, essentially comparable to the intention and activity engaged in by a virus. The influence of these forces has quite a significant influence on the waking world, encouraging human beings to irrationally spread negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, hatred, and all the common emotions that do not make logical sense, but that just seem to come so very naturally. 
In order to allow these sorts of things to enter into their hearts and minds, human beings must give into these frequencies internally, buying into the associated philosophies and dogmas of the related entity. Human brains are just hardwired to do so somehow in their desire for structure, desiring to seek out an already-existing explanation for all of life’s rather complex problems. Maybe it is as simple as a flaw in the mechanism… an honest mistake, or all just part of a larger plan. Something like that. I do know for sure that when the levee breaks on the emotional frequency that these things are able to feed off of, the suffering flows like wine, it nourishes these things such that they can manifest onto this world as a physical form. Sometimes this form is humanoid, but often it is not.  
What seems like some time ago, I took an exit off of Interstate 59 into this shadowy back road surrounded by wilderness. There are some truly deep woods out here. I am driving incredibly slowly on this road to the utter tenebrosity surrounding me. There is a darkness here, and the closer that I get to it, the more it attempts to obscure and recede. High-level thoughtform entities thrive on not being believed in overtly, but instead seeping into the subconscious of those around them. This is part of the nature in which they they feed.
To wit, the physical location of apparitions within this particular plane become similarly obscured by the effect that their presence has on their surroundings. Any place sufficiently far away from the physical vestiges of human society, where the glare of artificial light does not completely drown out the stars in the night sky, can work as a place of attraction for these sorts of malformed characters. They are energetic parasites, living just beyond the reaches of perceived reality.
This particular one that is attempting to break through here is quite old, as they all are. Some call him Yama, G’wog, Magog, Iyam, and many confused individuals have known him as God. His bitterness is the result of an eternal, undying jealousy of everything that human beings represent to him, a basic hatred of the individuality and freedom that is purposefully willed onto them. His master's code is translated as YHVH, and his symbol is the throne of the sun. He is a bloodthirsty father of sacrifice, the deceiver, creator of unbalanced dissent. He is not the only one like him, but you would not want to be the one to tell him that.
I’m definitely getting close to the spot… I can feel the thoughts that permeate from their universe. It lay somewhere far outside of the Earthly plane, outside of space itself from a realm known as the Outer Darkness. It is, assuredly, a very bad place. The outer darkness is essentially what you would call Hell, aka Dis, the pit. A sealed envelope in space-time that sometimes has faulty seams, unfortunately. It is a place for mistakes, the dark sides, other sides of creation. The beings that dwell there are simply the opposite of any idea of constructive forces, a complete and total rejection of anything that might try to represent or celebrate the positive aspects of creation. 
If you consider the act of protecting human beings from falling into posession by these forces to be a noble cause, then I guess you could say that I work for the forces of good.
Anyway, back to quantum physics… one of the principal truths that has been explored via quantum theory is the idea that the act of observation in and of itself participates in the outcome of any given event. This explains a network of consensus reality that enables the physical world to be as it is. Each living thing with a mind has the ability to participate in the constant creation and expansion of the universe… the mind essentially operating as an individual perceptive conduit that participates in reality rather than being subject to it. The very act of thinking is creation, and when one submits to an idea, this ability to create is compromised. These ideas out there exploit this aspect of reality for their own purposes.
I think I am almost to my destination, so I pull the car over and tap into the records, and through that moment I write to you now. I close my eyes and prepare to dive in. The blackness of space, the reflection of all possibility, nothing and everything is contained within them. I feel the rush of force, the piercing of what I have come to know as the space-time continuum.  My spirit is free, awash in pure information and knowledge. I experience the full pleasure and solemnity of the place where all events, all actions, all non-actions are laid out one after another in the unfolding arc that tells the story of the universe... I see an entrance forming into this world… There is a cabin at a crossroads… it seems to be at the very end of the road that I am on. I have a window of about thirty minutes to an hour before we reach event horizon.
The stillness of the cicadas calling in the night summons me back to the task at hand. Contemplating for a minute, almost unwilling to disrupt the stillness, I know what I have to do. I start the car back up and continue my approach. Music off, I’m driving just focused on going forward. There it is… the mark.
On the side of the road, there is a small ornamental talisman hanging from a tree made of a deer skull and squirrel bones… the car is stopped and now I’m going to find the cabin and wait.
The forest at night fills men with fear, and for good reason. 
These off-planet entities often hibernate deep within the woods when feeding, in order to nest without detection. They do not require the basic amenities required by most living beings born on this sphere, content as they are to simply exist and indulge in the vital juices and meats of this planet’s residents. In fact, they are having a hard enough time simply being corporeal that housekeeping tends to take a very low priority in these situations. It is for this reason, in the old stories and through time immemorial, that these beings are often inevitably discovered residing in a horrific squalor in some cave or shack somewhere. A primitive an unkempt dwelling filled with the corpses of local children and perhaps some dog skeletons from some early attempts. Human children do seem to be their preferred prey, although its fair to say that anyone will do in a pinch. After these horrors are uncovered, there will be a town ledger taking note of an incident of a monster who was decapitated or perhaps drowned after being designated as a werewolf, devil, or some such other nefarious incarnation by the locals. Once the things materialize, they are in fact quite subject to the earthly standards of mortality, although usually their essence just shoots right back up there into the stratosphere, ready to take their hard knocks and give it a go again with all they have learned from their past attempts. 
End of the road. I turn off the headlights and sure enough, there it is. A small wooden building with a tin roof, and a small shack to the right of it. Cicadas again, and frogs, getting very loud now. Warning me. I listen to them for a while and I can feel the tension in the air from the positive ions building up, similar to the feeling that one gets before a storm. I can see inside the dilapidated cabin through the window. It is the very definition of dilapidated… seemingly the building was once a gas station before becoming this creepy roadside abomination. Someone has scrawled typical summoning keys upon the side of the building and there is some of the local native skull-and-bones art on display as there was several yards back on Cherokee County 780. It appears the locals had been tapped into by some of these entities, who were using them to take the necessary steps in order to summon them onto the physical plane. These methods are ancient and basic, the logic based around vibrational patterns created by different mental states, placement of sacred objects, and so forth.
The frogs start chirping frantically, inconsequential to the moment seemingly, and then it began. First, a small glow… through the window of the shack a small floating black bead could be seen, a tiny vibrating and imperfect sphere that by all appearances resembles a void or dark matter interacting with the thinning air of the night. The materialization of the outer darkness. A single tendril escapes from the center of the pulsing orb, then another, two small arm-like tentacles expanding in opposite directions. The orb began to grow exponentially, and small root-like appendages began to drip from the bottom of the expanding orb. I backed up a bit to hide myself from view, as the being’s sight-perception would be forming very rapidly. The element of surprise was my key asset in this situation.
The roots gradually formed into a humanoid torso, complete with legs and feet. As the tendrils formed into goblin-like reptilian arms, the beings head came into focus and was grossly misshapen, providing a comical and exageratted appearance resembling a caricature of a human being. His face was frozen into a dripping red toothy grin, with completely dark skin and wide eyes that seemed to incite mania. Growling and hissing soon became audible from behind the wooden door.
“Iiiiiiiiiyam… G’woooooggg.” It began to chant to itself in self awareness. Here is my moment. Going through the window, I activate the banisher in my right hand and lunge toward the beast with my flame heading directly toward it.
“Interloper. Magistrate,” G’wog spat at me “You will die too.” My mind begins to fill with images of pestilience and fear. I see worms covering my body, my lifeless corpse falling and falling into the mouth of a great white worm. G’wogs face expands into a rapture of feeding as he comes toward me, feeding from the reaction of these thoughts.
A blinding flash comes over my vision, and like a rip in the fabric of reality a shimmering, kaleidoscopic brilliance emits from a slit in the air. G’wog attempt to shield his eyes with his tiny withered hands, but they are filled with the radiance that is suddenly emitting from just above both of their heads.
A hand first came from this sparkling tear, reaching into the stark darkness of the room and filling it with a sparkling incandesence. Then, a human form, with a face that was shining so brightly that it could not be discerned began to emeerge, in a kaleidoscopic form of a light body that filled the room with warmth and an unmistakable glory.  The light body shimmered with a flowing rainbow of colors and gestured toward me, and it spoke to me with its thoughts. 
I stood there motionless, and watched the G’wog fill with a fear of dissipation and irrelevance.
It ran out the broken window, down the street, through the woods, to who knows where. As it’s oversized head bobbed in the distance, it closely resembled the Gingerbread Man. Run, run, as fast as you can… Just as suddenly as the glorious light form appeared, it was gone, the shimmering universe sealed back up, separating the Earth again from whereever it was that came from. I stood there in the silence, and suddenly the door to the cabin creaked open. There was broken glass covering the ground, as well as ectoplasmic traces of the opening that was created by the outer darkness, a tar-like resin. The thing had escaped, thus defeating the entire point of my week-long journey from a hill-side paradise in the Pacific Northwest here to this place here in the middle of nowhere that seems to be literally forsaken by God. Whatever that rainbow person was, it completely aided and abetted the escape of perhaps one of the most dangerous criminals in the cosmos. I had to head north for answers. Marcus will know what to do.
I am not feeling fear or disappointment. Although I did not accomplish what I intended to do, I have a distinct feeling of significance and positivity stemming from the bizarre event that just occurred. I start the vehicle back up and notice that the sun is beginning to rise. I head slowly up the dirt road toward the interstate and see beauty in the morning dew. Surely out there G’wog is somewhere filled with a mixture of fear and exitement, anxious to spread horror wherever he may go. There must be some purpose to all of this. I merge onto the interstate heading northeast, into the rays of the rising sun, the future glittering through the sky...  my thoughts travel into a shimmering tomorrow of unknown and limitless possibilities.

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