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Agent AM: 2300 Described Word For Word To JAH Council The Following Account Near the Site of MASJID AL-HARAM

Daybreak. Amin looks up at the sky. It is beautiful, the sky that was given to him and everyone else by Allah. He must be grateful for the sky, grateful even for just waking up. Every breath was a gift, a perfect union in submission to the Creator. Allah was the Creator of all on the Earth, and all who dwell here in this beautiful country. 
The peace that is felt here in this land is reflected in the spirit of every living being, and then from them back into the Earth. This peace is something that is inherent in the very idea of submission to Allah. For all beauty emanates from Him, and nature alone reflects a purity that man cannot hope to attain. Allah is all-powerful, and sees all, but for the protection of the smallest among us, sometimes it is his servants that must act out the work of the Lord and Most High.
Just as an example, you should know that, about once a week, AmIn went into the city in order to pick up a few items for his father. Every day he would hear the bustle of the crowd, spirited shrieks of haggling of merchants and angry reports of dissatisfied customers would inherently seize the air, drowning out the peaceful silence that he arrived into town with. Every visit included a walk past a trash compactor occupying a quiet alleyway. 
On one particular instance, Amin heard the unmistakable mewing of a couple of tiny kittens, abandoned on their own in a busy thoroughfare. He, of course, remembered the words and actions of the Prophet in regard to these matters. He purchased a shawl and a box to bring home the crying creatures. They were so small as to not yet be afraid, simply calling out for food. They had been dropped off by owners who had seperated them from their mother, but there was no way for Amin to know this. He observed them with peace and contentment in the kindness of the Creator. He brought them home to show to his brother Mehmet. 
Amin’s brother Mehmet cared more about his advancement in military affairs than spiritual things for the most part. Amin reminded his brother of their sacred duty to care for those who could not speak for themselves. Mehmet was always convinced by the arguments that his brother made when it came to spiritual matters. 
Those two kittens have grown up to be cats, and fine mousers at that.
Just an example of the order that follows submission to the Creator, the One with many names that we call God.
Every morning at this time, Amin remembers the words of the Prophet:

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,
 The Ruler of Mankind,
 The Judge of Mankind,
 From the mischief of the whisperer, who withdraws,
 Who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,
 Among Jinn and among men.” 
(Quran, sura 114 (Al-Nas) ayat 1-6

When he was younger, he once had boasted of impossible deeds in regards to his running prowess to impress a friend. His father castigated him in a manner both deserved and kind. “You are not a liar, my son. For even your very name means ‘truthful.’ You must never lie, for Allah can hear your disruption of His order, and it is a further disgrace coming from one who can do so much better.” His father gestured outside, toward the valley below them.
Allah was everywhere indeed, but nowhere closer than the large stone building that lay in the valley below. Below their home, far down in the city, lay the Grand Mosque of Mecca, where was housed the Kaaba stone that all who love Allah throughout the entire world must pay their respects to at some point in their lives. The idea of God hearing his boast and feeling pain at Ahmeen not living up to his name was indeed shameful.
Always at dawn, he came to the edge of the hilltop and looking down upon Mecca, meditated upon these things.
He has heard how they depict Saudi Arabia in the Christian fairy tales of the west. A land of deserts, palm trees, and camels. They say that they are like animals, that we are the ones who are barbarians. They speak of evil, and many of their customs seem to come directly from the whisperer, the flatterer. The one who spreads lies.

Among Jinn and among men.

And then, out of the quiet contemplation, something very strange happened. 
Across the sky, where there had been calm and peace, there was something quite odd. It first looked like a black dot in the sky, and quickly expanded horizontally. It was extremely far away, and the rising sun was obscuring the view a bit, but it appeared to have several small tendrils that were manifesting form at different points of the surface. 
Gradually, the shape of the object began to oscillate upwards, forming a crystalline obsidian blackness that seemed to reflect an impossible rainbow. One long tentacle grew out from the smoky void and reached gradually out toward the sun.
The crowd that mulled around the massive stone complex making up Mecca paid no mind to this event. Amin could see the entire city from his vantage point. The black, rotating, virus-like crystalline shape seemed to fade back into the veil of the ether. Moments later, there was nothing but sky where the object once was. 
Amin knew that this was an important thing, and without interpretation, informed JAH council.

Currently writing in a hotel room in St. Petersburg. Complete chaos the other night in Orlando, a full manifestation with military-trained operatives from a private organization. Nearly fifty people were wiped out in a controlled operation that lasted over the course of many hours. The streets were bathed in a rainbow of police lights and neon street signs, giving the area a glowing hue of electricity as the "killer" (trained team of several assassins) obliterated bystanders for the purpose of creating a black trust narrative and further invigorate the now-sentient YHWH paranoid thought-form.
The day before this event I observed an object hovering in broad daylight similar to that of the JAH council report from Mecca. Several other witnesses were present, although I am not aware of any of them taking a picture of the form.
Accompanying footage here posted by a west coast operative, featuring another of these amorphous floating objects, but it appears here much closer than the one sighted in Orlando:

The correlation in the appearance of this being and the action that occurred in Orlando was apparent. There was a Black Ops presence that was waiting to go into formation to make the human sacrifice/slaughter that occurred the other day at the Pulse Nightclub. Ultimately, the shooting seems to be a conduit or a gateway for this sort of activity.
In general, Florida seems to be a dumping market for these sorts of operations. Meth and Opioid toxins are funneled into the state in epidemic proportions in order to harvest souls and forms that seem to feed the growth of these sentient floating objects. NASA seems to be aware of their existence, but not of their purpose, and the NASA technology seems to work as a magnet for these beings. I am starting to think that these things are evil itself. Do with the information what you can.

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